Humane & Effective Wildlife Management:

The Lancaster Crow Coalition includes representatives from Lancaster City, East Hempfield Township, East Petersburg Borough, Manheim Township, and the League of Humane Voters, and responds each year to the arrival of migratory crows to our area.

The coalition was formed to take a humane, non-lethal, and environmentally sound approach to helping the crows who migrate through Lancaster County each year -- as they've done for centuries -- and Lancaster's human residents peacefully co-exist. We welcome you and hope you'll help us by volunteering your time and interest in this project.

With a handful of volunteers in areas where crow roosts present a problem, we work with pyrotechnics (fireworks) and other non-lethal methods to convince the crows to avoid locations close to cars and buildings when choosing their roost sites.

We rely on citizen reports to our hotline (717-327-8797) to let us know if large numbers of crows (100 or more) are roosting in any populated place.

Ten crows is not a roost, and roosting is a nighttime behavior - crows gathering before dusk are not roosting.

Any number of crows in an area not close to cars or buildings is not a problem.

However, if you have 50, 100 or 1000+ crows near your home, business, or parking area, call us IMMEDIATELY. The sooner we show up to make noise and make the place less desirable for roosting, the sooner the crows will move on.

Complaining to your neighbors and calling the Mayor's office to yell doesn't help - a call to our HOTLINE does!

HOTLINE: 717-327-8797

You will receive a return call within 12-24 hours, 7 days a week. If need be, one of our members will visit your location to assess the situation.

Our Success

Since the Coalitions's formation, the crows have been successfully moved each year. When they turn up in "bad" places (shopping center parking lots, industrial areas, densely-populated neighborhoods), we use pyrotechnics and other non-lethal methods to move them along.

Penn State scientists studied our crows' behavior in past years and citizen volunteers continue to assist us in monitoring the crows and our efforts to manage their roosting choices. What we've learned has helped Lancaster and other towns and cities around the world to manage their crow populations in ways that are safe for the environment, compassionate toward wildlife, and sympathetic to humans' needs as well.

Over the summer of 2010, members of our Coalition worked with the city of Terre Haute, Indiana, to help them develop safe, humane, and cost-effective ways to handle their 60,000-crow flock of migratory birds. We were happy to help and to assist them in implementing our successful methods.

The New York Times profiled Terre Haute, reporting that they're successfully implementing the methods we've found most successful.

A Heart-felt Thanks

To you, the citizens who put up with our loud fireworks in the early evenings -- and who kindly offer information via our hotline as to crow locations. Your support is greatly appreciated!